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  In "Angel Warriors," the fate of the world hangs in the balance as seven archangels descend from the Galactic Spirit World to fight against the forces of evil that have taken hold of the Earth. They become avatars in the minds of chosen humans, guiding them in the fight against darkness and helping them find their way back to the light. Their mission is to eradicate evil and restore joy and happiness to humanity, creating a heavenly paradise on Earth once more. Along the way, they must recruit and train a group of former sinners turned good, who enter the minds of other fallen angels to help them find their way back to the light. This thrilling action-adventure movie combines the mind-bending action of "The Matrix" with the superhero team-up excitement of "The Avengers." It's a heart-pumping, edge-of-your-seat ride filled with drama, suspense, and thrilling action sequences. As the battle between good and evil reaches its climax, the Angel Warriors and their chosen warriors must use all their powers, knowledge, and skills to overcome the odds and save the world before it's too late.




The film follows the story of a Cambodian boy who endures a difficult childhood and finds success in the world of Vovinam, a Vietnamese martial art. His mother became pregnant at a young age while working in illegal logging in Thailand, and his father was killed by a rival group in the same industry. Without child support, the boy's mother was forced to turn to prostitution to make ends meet. Growing up in this environment, the boy was inevitably exposed to criminal activity and began stealing with a gang. One day, he stole a camera from an American, which sets off a series of events that shape his future.

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